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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Get a domain, Get a domain, Get a M@&# domain.

Even if you decide to use one of the free services on the internet to create your site (this site is running on Blogger) you should get a unique domain name and not use the default name given to you. For example you can access this blog at lowlimitaffiliate.blogspot.com or www.lowlimitaffiliate.com.

When picking your domain think ahead to try to include one or more
keywords relevant to the content that your site will have. If you are going to be creating a site that reviews poker books, for example, you will want to get as many of those three words in your domain name as possible. This will help a LOT with search ranking in the future and you may regret choosing the name of your dog, etc. as your site name. Yes, it worked for Amazon, but Amazon had about a billion more dollars than you to market.

In our case, we created Low Limit Holdem Strategy and Tactics (www.lowlimitholdem.com) first and then later added other low limit websites (this site is by far the most recent). If you plan on creating a group of related sites you may want to use a similar method so the sites can cross-promote each other.

Take a moment to Google "low limit"...

For registrars we exclusively use godaddy.com... Although they do like to push extra features and options during signup they also have very reasonable prices and frequent discounts. Their domain manager allows you to make easy changes and renewals to dozens of domains at the same time and it's beyond simple to set your domains to private for an extra fee.

Why Private?
Originally, Low Limit Holdem was created with a public registration in 2000. This worked out fine for a while but shortly after the most recent internet poker boom started by the World Poker Tour we started to receive the equivalent of phone spam with gambling and poker sites calling us up and asking us to promote their site on our site at all hours of the day and night.

Obviously this is not a professional way to start a business relationship and so we now use contact forms for link exchange or affiliate suggestions for the Low Limit sites. When you are starting a new site we
highly recommend you get a private registration. People can still contact you through your domain proxy, but only via email and without revealing any personal information about you.