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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Setting up a Blogger account using your own domain name

Let's say you want to create a poker or casino content site in blog form on blogger. There's a few advantages to doing this because the blogging accounts are free at www.blogger.com and it is fairly simple to create a professional looking layout in a matter of minutes leaving you free to supply the important stuff-namely content!

By default your blog's name will be something like myblog.blogspot.com which is ok, but it's much more professional to use your own domain name so your blog becomes www.myblog.com. The blog you're reading now is lowlimitaffiliate.blogspot.com but you are reading www.lowlimitaffiliate.com most likely.

Regardless of where you want to register your domain name the first step is just to go through the normal blog creation process at blogger.com. Now you need to purchase a domain and then make some minor changes to your DNS settings on your registrar. If you use GoDaddy then you should log in there and click on your purchased domain name (under My Domains) and you'll be taken to the following screen. Now click on "Total DNS Control and MX records"

From here you'll see a screen with a bunch of DNS lines in it. For the most part you will delete all of them except for the following two:

Under CNAMES (Aliases) you should edit the www entry to point to ghs.google.com and under the A (Host) settings you should change the @ entry to point to the IP address listed above. Every other line should be deleted from the total DNS settings. Although it won't hurt to leave them people who go to those addresses will land on a GoDaddy page and you don't need to give them TOO much free advertising.

Once your blog is created and you've set up your domain name you can go to the main blogger control panel:

Click on settings, and on the next screen select the "Publishing" tab.

And enter your domain name (with www.) under ADVANCED SETTINGS (click the Advanced settings link if it isn't already showing advanced settings). Also check the box to redirect your domain without www. to your blog as well. Don't ask me why this is even an option...

At this point you are good to go. Domain propagation is very fast and although some remote sites may take a couple of days you should be able to access your blog via www.yourblog.com within an hour (and most likely within minutes).

One last thing: It's not necessary to have your blogger domain name match your custom domain name. The first thing you should do is find an available www. domain at a registrar and then purchase it. After that you can call your blogger account X9233932 or whatever you want and just redirect it to your purchased domain name.