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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It is old news, but if you were an affiliate of the old Full Tilt Poker you are screwed.

In this October 2012 article by Pokerfuse they detail the situation with affiliates and the old Full Tilt.  Essentially the situation is:

Payments owed to Full Tilt Poker affiliates will not be paid, and player accounts will not tracked to old affiliates when the website comes back online next month, pokerfuse has learned.

In addition, players who were also affiliates will not be reimbursed for any money in their Full Tilt account that came from affiliate payments.

It’s bad enough that they aren’t honoring money already owed to affiliates which was just as much an obligation of the Full Tilt company as player balances, but they have also set it up to remove any affiliate money owed from players who were affiliates but where part of the money in their account came from affiliate income.

So, let’s say an affiliate was paid for advertising (affiliate income) 6 months before Full Tilt went under, but they still had that money in their poker account.  Whoops it’s gone!